LASIK Surgery Reviews and Testimonials

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We’ve compiled a few LASIK surgery reviews and testimonials by our patients who graciously share their LASIK surgery experience. In their reviews, they discuss the results of their LASIK surgery, our facility, the EyeSight Hawaii team and Dr. Olkowski. One of the best compliments we can receive is a testimonial from a happy patient so we are very proud and honored to receive such great reviews.

LASIK Surgery Reviews by some of our patients…

Dave Carson (Officer, United States Navy) – “One of the best decisions I ever made. Really enjoyed the hospitality and professionalism of every staff member. Dr. Olkowski immediately earned my complete trust and confidence. Thanks for everything!”

Dean Wilson (Professional Golfer) – “I came to Dr. Olkowski in hopes of improving my vision so that I could improve my golf game. Not only is my vision perfect, but I won three tournaments including the Japan stroke play and match play championships. After the LASIK surgery I moved from 32nd on the money list in 2000 to 3rd in 2001. I owe much of my success this year to Dr. Olkowski and the staff of EyeSight Hawaii.”

Susan Gillespie (Musician Royal Hawaiian Band) – “I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results of my surgery. The morning after my surgery I woke up and walked into my music room and was able to sit down and play my harp (and see my music). I was almost in tears because I could see so well. Thank you so much. “

Dr. John W. Kofel (CEO/President Pacific Resources For Education & Learning) – “Mahalo for restoring my vision to a near perfect state. From my initial consultation to the LASIK eye surgery and now the post operative phase, I have felt fortunate to be in the hands of skilled professionals.

I have known Dr. Olkowski for the past four years. Over this period, I have been continually impressed by his medical competence, professionalism and humanness. All three dimensions are important to me and I am confident the same is true for most EyeSight Hawaii patients. Of course, no one would compromise medical skill for nice people, but with EyeSight Hawaii you get both. That is part of what makes them so special. Without exception, I always feel I am a priority to everyone at EyeSight Hawaii. They are courteous, prompt, efficient and friendly – a rare combination that I am fortunate to have found. Thank you EyeSight Hawaii.”

Donna Kanetake (Paralegal Corps of Engineers) – “EyeSight Hawaii is the BEST. I knew from the first seminar that I wanted Dr. Olkowski to do my surgery. He is patient and explains things step-by-step to prevent confusion and anxiety. Lyn was helpful with all the questions I had and reassured me about a lot of worries I had. I am totally satisfied and recommend Dr. Olkowski to anyone contemplating vision correction surgery. It was worth every dollar – and more! Thank you Dr. Olkowski for being thorough and for giving me the gift of sight without contacts.”

Michelle Bartell (Account Manager Younger Direct) – “…helpful, knowledgeable staff and outstanding credential and reputation of Dr. Olkowski. I’ve been really pleased that I chose to have the surgery, but more importantly that I chose EyeSight Hawaii. Many, many thanks!”

Catherine “Kitty” Lagareta (Public Relations) – “I have never experienced a more professional and helpful team of people in a medical environment. The team at EyeSight Hawaii made me feel well informed and very comfortable with the LASIK procedure – before, during and after. Dr. Olkowski has an outstanding reputation in this area and I was impressed to learn that he’s the one other doctors come for their LASIK surgery. I note the whole experience an A+++++. I love my new vision. “

Father Vincent Inghilterra (Office of the Chaplain United States Army) – “I highly recommend Dr. John Olkowski and his staff for their professionalism, courtesy and dedication. EyeSight Hawaii is the place to have your vision correction surgery and LASIK procedures done. For the first time in 15 years, I am able to read a newspaper without glasses – a modern miracle wrought through caring and professional hands.”

Ernestine Enomoto (University Professor) – “LASIK surgery was much easier than I thought it would be. The expertise and experience of Dr. Olkowski and his staff made that process comfortable and easy. Mahalo to all at EyeSight Hawaii.”

William L. Wong CPA, PFS, CVA (Accountant) – “I have used contact lens for the past 20 years, changing and cleaning them daily. I started using reading glasses about three years ago, making it doubly inconvenient to read and do my homework as an accountant. Dr. Olkowski had done a masterful job of providing me the ability of seeing far distances and reading up close, without any contact lens and reading glasses. I would highly recommend Dr. Olkowski and his friendly staff for their professionalism and most of all, my successful LASIK surgery.”

Kumi Fisher (Manager of Kauai Timeshare Resort) – “It took me three years of research and nerve to finally go ahead with the LASIK surgery. I had to be 100% sure in choosing the doctor I can trust. Dr. Olkowski was the answer to my research. I received his undivided attention and his expertise.”

Robert Grondine — Attorney (President, American Chamber of Commerce – Japan) – “I had been thinking about the possibility of LASIK surgery for some years. The need to move to bifocal glasses, two years ago, with which I never did become completely comfortable, was what convinced me to take the final step. From the first preliminary visit to discuss whether I was an appropriate candidate for this surgery, Dr. Olkowski and his staff were always warm and engaging, responsive to all needs and concerns and providing extensive information on the surgery and their experience. I was tremendously impressed and encouraged by Dr. Olkowski’s long experience of having completed over 4,000 LASIK surgery procedures. I have been very happy with the results of my surgery, and highly recommend both the surgery and Dr. Olkowski to everyone.”

Gina Schultz – “Thanks to Dr. Olkowski, I have no need for reading glasses or glasses for distance- he gave me monovision and I love it! Dr. Olkowski is very thorough and careful- and when it comes to my eyes- that is the kind of doctor I wanted for my surgery. I highly recommend his kind and professional staff. Truly! I am thankful everyday for my good vision.”

Dorothy Scott – “Not only do I have new eyesight, but a feeling of wonderful new power in my life from doing this. John, you have one really happy fan on your hands- do use me if you need some wildly enthusiastic PR and my special thanks to those lovely women around you.”

Brooke Gramann (Marketing Consultant) – “Dr. Olkowski is a corneal surgeon who is on the leading edge in the industry-nationwide-not just in Hawaii. He’s the surgeon, even doing the eyes of other doctors. I opted for “monovision” so I wouldn’t have to wear reading glasses. The day after surgery my vision was 20/15. My tennis is great, I read without glasses and I couldn’t ask for better results!”