What is Pterygium?

Pterygium (a.k.a. surfer’s eye) is fleshy growth over the cornea (the clear front surface of the eye).  A pterygium most commonly occurs on the inner corner of the eye, but can also appear on the outer corner. Pterygium occurrence are more often seen in people from tropical climates and are very prevalent in Hawaii. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and chronic eye irritation from dry, dusty conditions seems to cause pterygium to get worse. Using sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV light are very important to aid against the progression of the pterygium.If the pterygium becomes red and irritated, artificial tears and sometimes steroid eye drops may be used to help reduce the inflammation.

Patient’s Google Review

A little over a year ago my eye doctor performed surgery on one of my eyes for a severe pterygium problem. Unfortunately, things did not go well after the surgery and I had issues with scarring. My eye Dr. then referred me to Dr. Olkowski saying that he would be the best man to take a look at the problem. To make a long story short, Dr. Olkowski redid the surgery on my eye and corrected the scarring issue as well. I then scheduled another surgery for the pterygium on my other eye with Dr. Olkowski and that went as well as ever! What impressed me most about Dr. Olkowski is his confidence and professionalism. I do not fault my first doctor since this is a procedure that no doctor really likes to perform. My eyes are two of the most important parts of my body. I am so fortunate to have things turn out well thanks to the expertise of Dr. Olkowski and his entire staff at Eyesight Hawaii. Aloha always. – Roland D. (surgery in 2015)

Treatment for Pterygium

If the pterygium is large enough to affect your vision or if it is always red and irritated, it can be removed surgically.  Ophthalmologist, Dr. Olkowski, is an expert on pterygium surgery and has performed hundreds of these procedures in Hawaii for 25 years. He utilizes the latest surgical techniques to include tissue glue with conjunctival and amniotic membrane transplantation. This technology provides a lower recurrence rate, less post-operative discomfort and a more natural appearance of the eye.  These procedures are performed in the comfort of our A.S.C., Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii, which is located right across from our facility.