LASIK Eye Surgery FAQ’s

cost of LASIK eye surgeryIf you are considering LASIK surgery in Honolulu, you probably have questions about laser vision correction, the cost of LASIK eye surgery, post-operative expectations or about EyeSight Hawaii. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help you understand a little more about the procedure. To get all of your questions answered and to fully determine if you are a candidate, it is best to see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation. Contact us at 808-735-1935 to schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation for our Honolulu or Kahului location.

Can you do LASIK surgery on people who have had other eye surgeries like PRK, RK (radial keratotomy), cataract surgery or retinal surgery?

Yes. Corneal specialist, Dr. John Olkowski has performed LASIK surgery on many people who have had previous eye surgery like PRK, RK (radial keratotomy), cataract surgery or retinal surgery. These can be more difficult LASIK surgeries to perform so it is very important to go to an experienced LASIK surgeon.
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Can LASIK surgery be used to decrease the need for reading glasses?

Yes. Monovision LASIK is a way to decrease a person’s need for reading glasses. With monovision LASIK, one eye is used to see distance and one eye is used to read. This may sound strange, but we perform monovision LASIK on the majority of our patients over 40 years old. A careful trial with monovision glasses is performed during the pre-operative consultation. Many people agree that monovision makes their life much easier – and they feel younger too. There is another option to decrease the need for reading glasses with the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay. The Raindrop Procedure is similar to LASIK, but a small, clear inlay is placed in the eye and patients improve both their near and intermediate vision without the need for reading glasses. Find out more here.
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Can LASIK Surgery be used to correct farsightedness?

Yes. The VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser can be used to correct farsightedness. It can also correct nearsightedness and astigmatism.
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How soon after LASIK can I drive and return to work?

After LASIK surgery, it is imperative that you do not drive. Most people are able to drive and return to work the day after their LASIK procedure but we advise patients to use their judgement to determine if their vision is stable enough to drive.
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How long after the procedure do you follow-up with patients?

After LASIK surgery, follow-up visits are inclusive up to a year. After that, we usually recommend annual eye exams in which we would bill your insurance. At EyeSight Hawaii, your vision and eye health are our highest goals. That’s why most patients become patients for life. If you have a question we will always be here to answer it.
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Does LASIK surgery hurt?

Before the surgery, anesthetic or numbing drops will be applied to your surgery eye. You should not feel any pain during the procedure, but you may feel some pressure. After the surgery, the eye can be a little scratchy and teary. It is best to take a nap after the procedure, this allows the eye to heal. Usually after the nap your eyes are feeling comfortable and the vision is already showing great improvement.
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What is the cost of LASIK eye surgery?

The cost of LASIK eye surgery in Hawaii can vary. At EyeSight Hawaii, we view LASIK as an investment, but we know that it needs to be affordable for our patients, which is whyour prices are comparable to other LASIK eye centers and we offer several payment options to help patients get the procedure they want. In addition to cash, checks and major credit cards, we offer a healthcare credit card called CareCredit. With approval, you could charge the total cost of your procedure and take advantage of our special financing options. For more information, visit or click on the CareCredit link to the right for the online application. To get an instant quote on LASIK or PRK surgery, call our office at 808-735-1935.
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If you have further questions or if you would like to schedule a free LASIK consultation, please feel free to contact us at 808-735-1935 and we would be happy to assist you. Click here for helpful information in how to prepare for the LASIK consultation and LASIK surgery at EyeSight Hawaii.