Corneal Procedures

Our eye care and corneal surgery procedures have improved the eyesight for thousands of people around the world. At EyeSight Hawaii, we offer an array of the most advanced procedures and eye care using the latest technology to improve your vision, keep your eyes healthy and enhance the overall quality of your life. Our corneal procedures are performed at the Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii and our dedicated laser suite located in our Honolulu office.

About the Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii:

The Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii (ESCH) features state of the art facilities created specifically for eye surgery and has the capacity to potentially provide up to approximately 9,000 surgeries a year. ESCH is designed for maximum quality and efficiency, ensuring our patient’s comfort and convenience.

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Corneal Procedures

Pterygium (a.k.a. surfer’s eye) is fleshy growth over the cornea (the clear front surface of the eye). A...
Intacs are microthin prescription inserts which are implanted to reshape the cornea. Two tiny rings that...
Corneal collagen cross-linking is a medical procedure that combines the use of ultra-violet (UV) light and...
Corneal Transplant
Over 100 corneal transplants are performed each year in Hawaii. The cornea is the clear, outer window of...