Ernestine E.

LASIK surgery was much easier than I thought it would be. The expertise and experience of Dr. Olkowski and his staff made that process comfortable and easy. Mahalo to all at EyeSight Hawaii.

William W.

I have used contact lens for the past 20 years, changing and cleaning them daily. I started using reading glasses about three years ago, making it doubly inconvenient to read and do my homework as an accountant. Dr. Olkowski had done a masterful job of providing me the ability of seeing far distances and reading … Continue reading William W.

Kumi F.

It took me three years of research and nerve to finally go ahead with the LASIK surgery. I had to be 100% sure in choosing the doctor I can trust. Dr. Olkowski was the answer to my research. I received his undivided attention and his expertise.

Robert G.

I had been thinking about the possibility of LASIK surgery for some years. The need to move to bifocal glasses, two years ago, with which I never did become completely comfortable, was what convinced me to take the final step. From the first preliminary visit to discuss whether I was an appropriate candidate for this … Continue reading Robert G.

Brooke G.

Dr. Olkowski is a corneal surgeon who is on the leading edge in the industry-nationwide-not just in Hawaii. He’s the surgeon, even doing the eyes of other doctors. I opted for “monovision” so I wouldn’t have to wear reading glasses. The day after surgery my vision was 20/15. My tennis is great, I read without … Continue reading Brooke G.

Father Vincent I.

I highly recommend Dr. John Olkowski and his staff for their professionalism, courtesy and dedication. EyeSight Hawaii is the place to have your vision correction surgery and LASIK procedures done. For the first time in 15 years, I am able to read a newspaper without glasses – a modern miracle wrought through caring and professional … Continue reading Father Vincent I.

Catherine L.

I have never experienced a more professional and helpful team of people in a medical environment. The team at EyeSight Hawaii made me feel well informed and very comfortable with the LASIK procedure – before, during and after. Dr. Olkowski has an outstanding reputation in this area and I was impressed to learn that he’s … Continue reading Catherine L.

Michelle B.

…helpful, knowledgeable staff and outstanding credential and reputation of Dr. Olkowski. I’ve been really pleased that I chose to have the surgery, but more importantly that I chose EyeSight Hawaii. Many, many thanks!